August Band Lineup

Aug 1 9PM Ray & Jay
Aug 2 9PM Highland Rovers
Aug 7 9PM Finster
Aug 8 9PM Green Eyed Lady
Aug 9 9PM Soul Daddy
Aug 23 9PM Vamp Kings
Aug 28 9PM Pete Levine
Aug 29 9PM Kray & Dempsey
Aug 30 9PM Gun Smoke

July Band Lineup

July 3, 9PM Elliot Lewis
July 6 4-7PM Artie Tobia
July 5, 9PM Ray n Jay
July 10, 9PM Super Hero Rock Stars
July 11, 9PM Pimpinella
July 12, 9PM Highland Rovers
July 13 4-7PM Artie Tobia
July 17, 9PM Tangled Vine
July 18, 9PM Old School
July 19, 9PM Jump The Gun
July 20 4-7PM Artie Tobia
July 24, 9PM Big Chief, The Midnight Groove & Lefty
July 25, 9PM WMD's
July 26, 9PM The Last Hoorah
July 27 4-7PM Artie Tobia
July 31, 9PM Duck n Cover

Darien Social Grill